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Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, January 30, 2004 by Yatta

Why is it when people are caught in a lie they still try and perpetuate the lie? That doesn’t make any sense to me, make it even worse it was a damn small lie. Why I say this tonight is that my roommate for some odd reason is lying about her true feelings for her boyfriend. An when i confronted her about it she was toungue tied an walked out of my room an tried to deny what i was saying.

Well i guess next time I’ll keep my mouth shut.. but i just can’t taken the senseless lying.

Ohh i forgot…. I finally got my ass out of bed an took a walk/jog this morning. It was okay but i realised i prefer the treadmill.



Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, January 29, 2004 by Yatta

U know we all have to give thanks to the All Mighty for letting us wake up so we can see another day. Today was uneventful just trying to do my taxes that damn ritual we all have to do in the beginning of the year…. It sucks… it sucks even more if u owe Uncle Sam money. So far looks like they might owe me… sweeeett. About to get ready for bed… hopfeully i have enuff energy to get up early an walk in the morning.

Another thing i was reminded about today… A good dear freind told me a saying, not sure who actually said it but every now an then i need to remind myself of it; “The Best revenge is to live well”. U know when u think about it it is soo true. You have some people who will talk all this shit about u.. all of them not necessarily true but they say it anyway…. u might be tempted to call them on what u just heard/ found out but do u really want to do that? For one they might deny what u are telling them or it might jus make matters worse; so i say if put in a situation like that the best thing to do is “LIVE WELL”


Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 by Yatta

OHH …. Where to begin, first off let me say the fitness thing hasn’t happened yet 😦 . But I’ll get their soon enough I have to. (my health depends on it). It’s not like I’m a big man but seems like my body is dense because I don’t really see any major weight difference on the outside but dammit seems like its reeking havoc on my inside. I need to hurry up an go to the doctor an get a check up to make sure whatever is happening tome isn’t really all that bad.

I need to know…. What drives some people to lie? I’m not talking about big lies just some small shit that that if u ask me means nothing. But alas people really do lie over stupid shit. Do u think its right that someone who says they love u, lie to u on a regular basis?

I’m not sure what to write about now there is so much shit going on in my head it’s not funny. I need an outlet I really do… for my sanity and piece of mind I do.

Argghh.. hell with it. Bed time.


Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, January 26, 2004 by Yatta

With the events that have happened in my life in the past 2 years i’ve come to realise to some extent what i want in a mate. If u ask me i’ve been through hell an back….. with a foot still stuck in there.
U can help out a fren to an extent but trust me only make it go but so far. Cause u could be making a choice that has more affect on ur life than u would hope. I had someone who really cared for me an the feeling was mutual, but… i don’t know what happened i guess I let a past love take over my present life. With doing that it messed up all chances with the person I was dealing with at the time. These past two years have taught me alot… i’ve seen myself grow in these years more than i would of ever hoped.

I won’t go into the gory details of those years,.. but now i know i want to be with someone who cares for me. Who isn’t afraid to show me that they care. U always hear that sex isn’t everything in a relationship an of course we as young ppl might gawk at it; but dammit that is sooo true. I think we take for granted how far just a little hug, or even the mere presence of the one u care for can do for u. Yeah I know coming from a man that might sound kind of softish.. but trust me it’s true.

Basically I just wanna say don’t take the relationship ur in for granted…. an don’t tag someone along just for ur interests. It’s not a nice feeling when ur the one being hurt…. casue like they say Shit wiil come back to haunt u.


Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, January 26, 2004 by Yatta

Well I got some of the technical stuff out of the way with this blog thing sooooo let me intoduce myself:

I’m a 27yr old JaMerican, well that’s how I like to look at myself, parents Jamaican me American.
I live in the warm southeast region of the US… trust mi I’ve had enuff of the cold for my life time.
I’ve read about blog’s for some time now thought it was neat but never thought I would actually venture out an make one for myself. let me tell u straight up…. I don’t think this blog will have a specific theme except that it will be personal. My interests are computers, anime, music, reading and manga ohh an how can I forget fitness.
By looking at me u wouldn’t think I was into fitness but I am, I mean who here doesn’t want to look the best they can. Who doesn’t want to take off their shirt or wear the 2 piece bikini an have the opposites sex gawking.

I came accross this….. ?? Which Mythical Creature Are You ??
For me it said i was a Dark unicorn ( It is sooo true!!! when u read it)
Click the link on the left an try it out the link see what u are.

I see ii degressed fora little rigth there. I want to get back started on the Body-for-Life program… that really did help me. I mean it’s straigt forward an to the point when u think about it. It tells u straight out that getting inthe best shape u want is not easy… there is no magic pill. Believe me i’ve tried a few of those magic pils all they have given me really was a headache an a lighter wallet. My big problem is that i need to get off my black ass an do some excercise an stop whining that i need to lose weight.


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Look at the time. i should be sleeping but i’m not. I’m here browsing an reading about Blog’s.
What is really keeping me up? Why am i fighting the sleep so much.
—— Ok it’s now 3:31am… but i feel liek i am accomplishing somethign slowly but surely. I’m trying to see ifi can find some decent templates for this.
ok later on when i wake up need to find out how i’m going to add comments to my blog (that should keep me busy for a few minutes)