Well I got some of the technical stuff out of the way with this blog thing sooooo let me intoduce myself:

I’m a 27yr old JaMerican, well that’s how I like to look at myself, parents Jamaican me American.
I live in the warm southeast region of the US… trust mi I’ve had enuff of the cold for my life time.
I’ve read about blog’s for some time now thought it was neat but never thought I would actually venture out an make one for myself. let me tell u straight up…. I don’t think this blog will have a specific theme except that it will be personal. My interests are computers, anime, music, reading and manga ohh an how can I forget fitness.
By looking at me u wouldn’t think I was into fitness but I am, I mean who here doesn’t want to look the best they can. Who doesn’t want to take off their shirt or wear the 2 piece bikini an have the opposites sex gawking.

I came accross this….. ?? Which Mythical Creature Are You ??
For me it said i was a Dark unicorn ( It is sooo true!!! when u read it)
Click the link on the left an try it out the link see what u are.

I see ii degressed fora little rigth there. I want to get back started on the Body-for-Life program… that really did help me. I mean it’s straigt forward an to the point when u think about it. It tells u straight out that getting inthe best shape u want is not easy… there is no magic pill. Believe me i’ve tried a few of those magic pils all they have given me really was a headache an a lighter wallet. My big problem is that i need to get off my black ass an do some excercise an stop whining that i need to lose weight.


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