With the events that have happened in my life in the past 2 years i’ve come to realise to some extent what i want in a mate. If u ask me i’ve been through hell an back….. with a foot still stuck in there.
U can help out a fren to an extent but trust me only make it go but so far. Cause u could be making a choice that has more affect on ur life than u would hope. I had someone who really cared for me an the feeling was mutual, but… i don’t know what happened i guess I let a past love take over my present life. With doing that it messed up all chances with the person I was dealing with at the time. These past two years have taught me alot… i’ve seen myself grow in these years more than i would of ever hoped.

I won’t go into the gory details of those years,.. but now i know i want to be with someone who cares for me. Who isn’t afraid to show me that they care. U always hear that sex isn’t everything in a relationship an of course we as young ppl might gawk at it; but dammit that is sooo true. I think we take for granted how far just a little hug, or even the mere presence of the one u care for can do for u. Yeah I know coming from a man that might sound kind of softish.. but trust me it’s true.

Basically I just wanna say don’t take the relationship ur in for granted…. an don’t tag someone along just for ur interests. It’s not a nice feeling when ur the one being hurt…. casue like they say Shit wiil come back to haunt u.


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