OHH …. Where to begin, first off let me say the fitness thing hasn’t happened yet 😦 . But I’ll get their soon enough I have to. (my health depends on it). It’s not like I’m a big man but seems like my body is dense because I don’t really see any major weight difference on the outside but dammit seems like its reeking havoc on my inside. I need to hurry up an go to the doctor an get a check up to make sure whatever is happening tome isn’t really all that bad.

I need to know…. What drives some people to lie? I’m not talking about big lies just some small shit that that if u ask me means nothing. But alas people really do lie over stupid shit. Do u think its right that someone who says they love u, lie to u on a regular basis?

I’m not sure what to write about now there is so much shit going on in my head it’s not funny. I need an outlet I really do… for my sanity and piece of mind I do.

Argghh.. hell with it. Bed time.


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