U know we all have to give thanks to the All Mighty for letting us wake up so we can see another day. Today was uneventful just trying to do my taxes that damn ritual we all have to do in the beginning of the year…. It sucks… it sucks even more if u owe Uncle Sam money. So far looks like they might owe me… sweeeett. About to get ready for bed… hopfeully i have enuff energy to get up early an walk in the morning.

Another thing i was reminded about today… A good dear freind told me a saying, not sure who actually said it but every now an then i need to remind myself of it; “The Best revenge is to live well”. U know when u think about it it is soo true. You have some people who will talk all this shit about u.. all of them not necessarily true but they say it anyway…. u might be tempted to call them on what u just heard/ found out but do u really want to do that? For one they might deny what u are telling them or it might jus make matters worse; so i say if put in a situation like that the best thing to do is “LIVE WELL”

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