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Posted in Uncategorized on Sunday, February 22, 2004 by Yatta

Ahh it has been awhile since i wrote in here. Alot of shit been going in my life. Some good some ad… But hey tha’t what life is all about right?



Posted in Uncategorized on Sunday, February 8, 2004 by Yatta

Well it’s been a few days since I wrote in here. My mother is in town, I’m so glad she is around granted she’s my mother but she is also my best friend. My little wanted to come up so badly but her visit will have to wait till summer when school give holiday.
My mother was just telling me the other day that I should bathe with some lime water….. for those who are not sure of the significance of that it’s to rid urself of the ‘saltness’. Saltness u say? Well I guess u can say it translate to bad luck in one’s life. Trust for the past few years some would categorize my life as being ‘salty’.
Besides that thought things might be looking up or me I wish socially but alas it is not. It seems more financially I really hope it works out.
Man the fitness things is still being pushed back on the back burner for some odd reason. I always making up excuses why I don’t try an do better to my plan.
Grammy’s going on now an it boring nuh frig!!! yuh know what time for an early bed.
Peac ppl


Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, February 5, 2004 by Yatta

It seems like i’m turing out to be a night owl again… ohh well.

More an more im starting to think that i should use some of my refund money an join a gym again. that woudl be the best thing for me.
For both the physical an mental aspects of it. I’m so happy my mother is flying in later on today!!!! i havent seen her for like 2-3 years.

Recieved a sweet business offer today an if it;ss really legit it would be a god send. Even if itonly works out for like a year i would be happy. I’ll cross all my fingers an toes, granted there is some skepticism abot the whole ordeal but we’ll see.
Slowly as the days go by i wonder why my best freind is my best friend?!?!?!


Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 by Yatta

U know a fren brought something to my attention a little while ago…. If I feel the way I do because my roommate is showing her boyfriend more attention then she shows me. U know i had to think about that one for a little while. u see she was more then just a reguallr fre. i’ve known her since i was like I was like 11. Even hada decent crush on her.. but we grew up an slightly apart. But i’ve lways cared/ liked her. So yeah it kind of hard at times…. But believe me when I say I have moved on. We tried at a relationship but it was too one sided. Since iwent throught that I know what I want in my woman an soul mate. Like I said in a earlier post it has made me stronger… granted i’ve gone through hell but I don’t think I would change what has happened…. It has made me stronger an what I am today.


Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, February 3, 2004 by Yatta

I woke up relatively decent this morning. But now I just feel like shit. It’s like the loneliness a get to me now. Of course I should be a big man about it… BUT dammit we all need some affection every now an then.
Man I started this thing to help with my fitness goals….Isn’t that coming along just fine *sarcastically*

Filed my taxes yesterday, at least there’s joy in that I get some extra money that I can use to pay some bills. Wooopie!!! 😦

Yea if I seem a little out of it ur right… but it easier said than done to get out of it.
Hopefully tonight i’ll feel better. We’ll see.

PS. Lee thanks for the commment….. u for one were always there for me. An i’m gratfeul for that. U’ve been with me through ALL the shit I’ve went through an is going through right now… NUFF LUV