I woke up relatively decent this morning. But now I just feel like shit. It’s like the loneliness a get to me now. Of course I should be a big man about it… BUT dammit we all need some affection every now an then.
Man I started this thing to help with my fitness goals….Isn’t that coming along just fine *sarcastically*

Filed my taxes yesterday, at least there’s joy in that I get some extra money that I can use to pay some bills. Wooopie!!! 😦

Yea if I seem a little out of it ur right… but it easier said than done to get out of it.
Hopefully tonight i’ll feel better. We’ll see.

PS. Lee thanks for the commment….. u for one were always there for me. An i’m gratfeul for that. U’ve been with me through ALL the shit I’ve went through an is going through right now… NUFF LUV


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