U know a fren brought something to my attention a little while ago…. If I feel the way I do because my roommate is showing her boyfriend more attention then she shows me. U know i had to think about that one for a little while. u see she was more then just a reguallr fre. i’ve known her since i was like I was like 11. Even hada decent crush on her.. but we grew up an slightly apart. But i’ve lways cared/ liked her. So yeah it kind of hard at times…. But believe me when I say I have moved on. We tried at a relationship but it was too one sided. Since iwent throught that I know what I want in my woman an soul mate. Like I said in a earlier post it has made me stronger… granted i’ve gone through hell but I don’t think I would change what has happened…. It has made me stronger an what I am today.

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