Well it’s been a few days since I wrote in here. My mother is in town, I’m so glad she is around granted she’s my mother but she is also my best friend. My little wanted to come up so badly but her visit will have to wait till summer when school give holiday.
My mother was just telling me the other day that I should bathe with some lime water….. for those who are not sure of the significance of that it’s to rid urself of the ‘saltness’. Saltness u say? Well I guess u can say it translate to bad luck in one’s life. Trust for the past few years some would categorize my life as being ‘salty’.
Besides that thought things might be looking up or me I wish socially but alas it is not. It seems more financially I really hope it works out.
Man the fitness things is still being pushed back on the back burner for some odd reason. I always making up excuses why I don’t try an do better to my plan.
Grammy’s going on now an it boring nuh frig!!! yuh know what time for an early bed.
Peac ppl


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