Well never did to much today… Ok I never did ANYTHING. I was hopign I would leave it alone come back to it and it work… NOPE!! Still have problems. I tried to view/logon from a windows machine no luck 😦
So i’m looking at my smb.conf again…. MAN the IDEALX scripte left out a BUNCH of shit… I see why i’m not seeign shit on my windows box. There we go.. once I added to my smb.conf:

domain logons = Yes
os level = 65
preferred master = Yes
domain master = Yes
security = user
encrypt passwords = Yes

I was able to get a logon screen… but alas all was not well.
I need to make the startup.bat file
I created an Samba user account, sambaSAMAccount (for use under Unix and Samba)
smbldap-useradd -amc “Wadup Sir” tester

That still never worked…. I messed around with soem othre things but was too lazt to document it.. but the good thing is when i’m through with it all… i’ll have ALL the configs that i need… TRUST me i will keep them in well guarded area 🙂

But i’m still poking around at it so wish me luck 😀

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