Single…. REALLY?!?!?!

Why is it so hard for a guy to be single for approx 2 years?!?!?! I know no one is really going to read this but still. i have to ask.
A fren and i were talking today.. and she made a comment that for some reason alot of married men seem to cheat even more than the single men. I think i would concure that it is that not ALL married men are like that… a good portion yea, but not all. Truth be told alot of us have roaming eyes.. and a number of men out there run with the urges and think of the consequences later. With that said though WOMEN aren’t that much better.. IMHO neither of use are better that the other.

SO my little fren out there (you know who u are) you can’t dawg out GUYS alone… ur gender is just as rotten. 😀


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