When i was younger I couldn’t WAIT till i was older so i could work and make my own money!!! I wanted to work so badly i ended up getting my first job when i was like12 working under the table at one car wash (all u slack ppl get ur minds out of the gutter grrrr)
Every now and then i think back on the school days and wish for those EASY days again….. when all u had to do was do some little homework sit back and listen to a teacher try an teach u somethign new. To make it even better nowadays the kids them have the INTERNET at thier disposal where if they know how to use it makes the work a WHOLE lot easier… granted dem still don’t learn anythign but hey……
Work is full of so much damn politics, it come in like a war zone….. the only difference is that their are no guns to inflict bodily harm. The deciet, trickery an what not is bascally just as bad though!!!


IF we do this simple little thing it would make the job a whole lot easier; well it seems so to me anyway.


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