New ZoomX5

Ok i had to buy another ADSL modem yesterday… mainly because of our lovely JPS grrrr. I had a X5 before i didnt really have any problems with it so i went back for another one; the other reason why i took the X5 was that i never wanted the Speedtouch. I think with this firmware update they gave the modem they have made it even more configurable Yipppeee!!!!!! But LAWD…….. looking at some of screens will hurt ur head if u don’t really understand networking.

I had to do some searching on how to open ports; here is what I found:

To open ports or a port range for unsolicited incoming traffic please follow these steps:

  • Go To Advanced Setup
  • Click on NAT
  • Select NAT Rule Entry from the drop down menu click on Add
    • Rule Flavor: Select RDR
    • Rule ID: enter 5 (by default there already 4 rules, so the next one is 5) Note: Rules 2, 3, and 4 close ports 21, 23, and 80 respectively. If you need one (or more) of these ports open you will need to delete the respective rule. Under no circumstances should you remove rule 1.
    • If Name: Select All
    • Protocol: Select the specific protocol required or ANY
    • Local Address From: (IP address range) example:
    • Local Address To: example: (gives you a range of 5 IP addresses) if you want all IP addresses from your network, Type in on both “From” and “TO”. For a port to be opened on a single LAN PC type the same LAN IP address in the “From” and “TO” field.
    • Global Address From:
    • Global Address To:
    • Destination Port From: Enter single port number or the starting port number in a range of ports.
    • Destination Port To: Enter same single port or the ending port number in a range of ports.
    • Local Port: Enter same single port or Zero (0) for port range
    • Click on Save Changes
    • Click on Write Settings to Flash

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