Lightning….is a BITCH!!!

Friday we had some rhattid lightning and thunder…. first the rain just came out of nowhere!!!! when it came IT CAME. While it was raining i was sitting @ my PC as usual doing everything and nothing at the same time. Then I heard a roar from the thunder outside and like just seconds i saw some light which i assumed was lightning. Just seconds after that….. swishh…. light gone. First let me just say this wasn’t just ur run of the mill thunder this bad bow was LOUD!!!! As violently as the thunder/lightning came it took my ADSL modem… an later on i found out it took my network card on my linux server :-(… in its wake. Here I was planning on buying a UPS for my machine den look deh i have to buy a new ADSL modem which is the same price as the modem.
I’m not sure how many of you guys reading this know how it feels to have a linux machine with NO NIC!!!!!!! it’s liek taking a bath with no water. My fren Dale was with me when i discoverd the problem… and he can tell u i was utterly distraught. After bitching, yea i admit it I was bitching, I wasn’t too happy at all at time. I was here contemplating like hell how i’m gonna get this machine to get back to working state. To make a long story short i ended up using a USB -to- ETHERNT in the machine and guess what di rass WORKED!!! ……. IT’S ALIVE!!!!
Now i just need to get a USB-Ethernet adapter for myself and away i go…..


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