Rise of the Nations

Bowy…. after how many months of finally getting back a PC and playing some PC games i haven’t been able to play. I have come across Rise of The Nations (ROTN).
I played a friend of mine, Profound, the other day and he basically handed me my ass in a platter; but alas i guess that wasn’t enuff for me. Tonight, actualy just a few minutes ago, he basically ddid the the same thing again… but like the MAN i am.. i ran so I could fight back another day.

I have done a little better this time around…. i’m learing more of the hotkeys. I would say what I need to brsuh up on but my ENEMIES out there might use ANY info they have to kill me faster 😀


2 Responses to “Rise of the Nations”

  1. the main problem is.. you were playing against a past wolmerian. You see we wolmerians have a bloodlust for war. be it warcraft, command and conqour, rise of the nation, age of empire or the great starcraft, we will obliterate all. hail wolmerian warlords we still dominate like kenshin did as the battousia in the meji era.

  2. Well, I’m from North Street … St. Georges College!!!!! I’ll accept defeat… but I shall be the VICTOR!!!

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