No Credit Card = No Internet Life Part Duex….

Taylor over on his blog said soemthign the other day i have to agrree with ten folds!!! No Credit Card = No Internet Life . How many times have you wanted to buy something online but was unable to becase of this damn ‘plastic’ ??? I’ve wanted a credit card countless amount of times for sales i’ve seen online for various stuff, albiet eBay or some other online site, to donate some money to or buy various products. But NOOOOOoooooo to no avail chained to asking frens who have a bigger bank books, or at least KNOW ppl with bigger banks books than me, to purchase these products for me. I mean some of these deals are soo good that even if u buy it online and ship it out here u still save money when u ship it out here.

Oh well I guess it’s one of those things that we just have to go with the flow. i guess that was/is my rant for the day…. back to some cleaning.

One Response to “No Credit Card = No Internet Life Part Duex….”

  1. Amen…. I’m trying to figure out a method of making somemoney online and having it deposited in my paypal account which is free btw With this I should be able purchase the stuff i need. Domain names can be bought using paypal and also paypal canbe used on ebay that i’m sure of..

    I gotta make some crazy cash man.. poverty is way to depressing for me.

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