P2P getting hit….

P2P Future Darkens as eDonkey Closes …. them really making it harder for a man to get them hands on pirated stuff. Then again this is one of the reasons why i’ve always liked IRC; yea it not for the faint of heart.. but with some patience and a decent bandwidth u can do/get wonders!!!
Alot of the people who are on the net now they just know how to use Kazza, Shareza, eMule, etc.. the list goes on…. they just type in what they want hope they get a hit and voila just sit back and HOPE that the file that are waiting on is REALLY the file they want.
With IRC u have to put some work in your searches…. u have to find a server then u have to find the channel, hold up ur not down yet.. THEN u even have to find the person who has what it is u might want; THEN depending on tier connection u might have to wait in queue for ur file(s). Granted yea it’s a little more work but 98% of the time when i do get shit from IRC i can rest assure its the REAL thing.


2 Responses to “P2P getting hit….”

  1. Yah i saw this earlier and was like hmm big deal. i really dont do the torrent/p2p programs that much any more. Mirc is the boss. The thing is not really weather we do p2p or not though its the implications that this has. pretty soon they’re gonna be all over mirc as well. Then what do you do.

  2. You have any clue how LONG irc has been out there? the CAN NOT lock it down anywhere as they with the p2p clients them. All they can do is have our ISP send ous cease and desits letters. the CANNOT lock down Irc

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