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Time…. New Phone

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, October 27, 2005 by Yatta

Once again i’m on my Over Time Trip…. Just racking up the hours.. and barely having time for anything else; but such is life. I have a plan and i want to fullfill that plan as soon as possible.

Well moving on…. my Treo 600 is almost gone.. and p910i is right around the corner. The Treo is a decent PDA, I’ll giv it that but as a phone FRIGG man… it bitch more than a crack fiend trying to go cold turkey. I must say i’m excited on getting the SE p910i thouhg.. i can search for some updated apps.. and have a more up-to-date smart phone at my disposal.

Well time to get back to the ‘mans’ work.
Mo’ money,Mo’ money,Mo’ money,Mo’ money,………


Anime Collection

Posted in Uncategorized on Sunday, October 16, 2005 by Yatta

Well I’m slowly adding to my anime collection; i know have:
Samurai7 Done
Wolf’s Rain Done
Bakuretsu Tenshi Done
Onegai Teacher Done
Elfen Lied ( still getting)
Kenshin (Still getting…. This is a must!!!)

I also want to start to make Anime DVD covers for some of these DVD’s

Whhooaaa is me…

Posted in Uncategorized on Sunday, October 16, 2005 by Yatta

Basically all day yesterday i’ve fiddled around with this PVR thing to no avail. It’s a nice idea when ur in the states where u can get a TV listings of your various stations. In Jamaica that is near impossible…. make it worse when u have to us a cable box nad keep ur TV card on one station that limits the ability of your TV Card.
One thing i can look into is descrambling the scrambled stations on my TV card….hmmmmm


Posted in Uncategorized on Saturday, October 15, 2005 by Yatta

Whew…. what a week i had!! After working for 14 days straight and in those 14days doing 73hours of Over Time; I can finally say I’m BEAT!! Thursday night alone i was just counting the seconds to leave.
Well moving on……. I got my tv-card WinTV-PVR Card now i’m just looking for a decent enuff software to use this thing with. Later on i really want to try MythTV ona linux setup.. it look HAAARRRDDD!!!!!!! Jus look at some of the screenshots. With all this future recording my little 40GB just isn’t going to cut it anymore… hopefully end of this or next month i can buy a 160GB or 200GB HD. But alas on to testing out some PVR software.

What a weekend!!

Posted in Uncategorized on Sunday, October 2, 2005 by Yatta

I put in some serious hours @ work this evening!!! From Thursday till Now… i’ve been working 5pm-7:30am……… yep that is not a typo. You know i was even suppsoed to go in tonight 5pm -11pm but i opted not too since i’ll be working 8am-11pm tomorrow; yes money is nice to have ubt it dones’t make any sense you run yurself red.

But i must say i like night shift @ C&W.. it relatively easy and for like 3 hours or so you really have some time for urself to do what u want.

On to other matters…. i FINALLY got my USB-Ethernet Adapter for my nix machine on thursday; being so busy with work an all i wasn’t really able to do anything till like TODAY. Good thing ‘Nix is up an runnign again liek a champ!!!