What a weekend!!

I put in some serious hours @ work this evening!!! From Thursday till Now… i’ve been working 5pm-7:30am……… yep that is not a typo. You know i was even suppsoed to go in tonight 5pm -11pm but i opted not too since i’ll be working 8am-11pm tomorrow; yes money is nice to have ubt it dones’t make any sense you run yurself red.

But i must say i like night shift @ C&W.. it relatively easy and for like 3 hours or so you really have some time for urself to do what u want.

On to other matters…. i FINALLY got my USB-Ethernet Adapter for my nix machine on thursday; being so busy with work an all i wasn’t really able to do anything till like TODAY. Good thing ‘Nix is up an runnign again liek a champ!!!


One Response to “What a weekend!!”

  1. Cool blog. Just browsing tru my fellow jamaican blogs. Yow di night shift dem ruff still, but money haffi mek!–>

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