Time…. New Phone

Once again i’m on my Over Time Trip…. Just racking up the hours.. and barely having time for anything else; but such is life. I have a plan and i want to fullfill that plan as soon as possible.

Well moving on…. my Treo 600 is almost gone.. and p910i is right around the corner. The Treo is a decent PDA, I’ll giv it that but as a phone FRIGG man… it bitch more than a crack fiend trying to go cold turkey. I must say i’m excited on getting the SE p910i thouhg.. i can search for some updated apps.. and have a more up-to-date smart phone at my disposal.

Well time to get back to the ‘mans’ work.
Mo’ money,Mo’ money,Mo’ money,Mo’ money,………


One Response to “Time…. New Phone”

  1. The Blackberry is a triumph of marketing over substance. Now there is a real alternative. And one that does online appointment setting through your smart phone, contact management, email and you can work on your MS office documents too. Check out this out the features. online diary

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