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Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 by Yatta

Hypertension is a serios thing… why the hell do i take it so lightly more time?
I’ve been hypertensive from i was about 19-20…. and i haven’t really done anythign to curb it. I’ve tried the gym for a little and it helped but after i got in the car accident i haven’t really een to the gym.

I leave on a rhattid hill… where i really would not have a need for a gym to get some cardio excercise in. The thing is though after about a week I stop…. I can honeslty say i don’t ahve the self discipline as my father does :-(.

I need to get that discipline though…. so many thigns can happen to me becasue of this high blood pressure… being in a high stressful job doesn’t help either.
It really has me thinking (again)… especailly since they sent me home early from work because of my pressure :-(.



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Finally… since i’ve redone my ubuntu installation. I got my DHCP/DDNS up and runnign in record time (well record time for me anyway 🙂 )
I understand it a little better know and i’m also going to save all te required files and place ina safe place.
Just to tar them up and i’m gone…
LDAP here I come!!!!!!!!!!1

2nd time around….

Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 by Yatta

Well i redid my ubuntu installation…. why u ask? Shit just seemed frigged up. Things were working but weren’t working and it was starting to get to me. So i decided to start from scratch and pay closer attention to what i’m doing.
Look there it paid off already…..
I did some reading on bind (DNS) and tackeled it.. VOILA is worked.. no 3-5 hours trying to figure the thing out. Checked my logs adn everythign went fine. Now to edit the zone files and named.conf to my network needs then i’m on my way to DHCP (which is easy).

P910 Video’s

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, November 25, 2005 by Yatta

I’m now encoding music videos like MADDDD from my TV Card and putting it on my p910. Initially this thing was not something i really was going to get into, mainly because when tried to encode in mp4 the files them were HUGE!!! THEN i found this program Sorenso Squeeze 4.2 all i can really say is WHOA!!! I captured a video whic was like 180mb.. sorenso really SQUEEZED the little video to about 7MB!!!!

So after capturing, encoding and what not I found a new liking for my little phone. When wake up later on in the afteroon i’ll see if i can take some screensots and put up here so u can have a clue on what i’m talking about.

hmmm….. three post in one day :d

iPOD Photo

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, November 25, 2005 by Yatta

Yea i got one… a 60GB one at that also. Withthis bad boy i canbasically put my ENTIRE mp3 collection in the palm of my hands.*** evil laugh***
I had a mini, the 4GB.. which was cool i like dit BUT i saw a oppurunity to upgrade an i took it an RAN!!! trust me the 2nd mini i had took some beating. I curved my ‘beating’ habits so i know this new pod will be cool. After i get soem much needed things for my place i’ll get one of those skin thingies for my pod.
Hopefully by early next year…. The Holidays are coming up and i have to worry about presents for other ppl. I must say this year i can really afford to get my mother a NICE birthday/ Christmas present; not sure what i’ll get her.. but i’ll get her something nice.


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Ok i had my mysql up and running… for like 2 days then BAM i decide to write in drupal when i go to the page to my shock it says unable to connect to mysql. First thing i go an do is look at my logs and see some whole heap of shit:
Nov 24 05:29:04 localhost mysqld[10873]: 051124 5:29:03 [ERROR] Fatal error: Can’t open privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist.

Make a long story short…. i ended up removing mysql-server then installin it back again. Before i could of removed mysql-server completely i had to do apt-get update; then remove the app….
I still don’t know the REAL reason as to WHY i had to do it that way to get mysql up running BUT hey it works again.
Well after my next post back to configuring and doing what not 😀

Xbox 360… revisited.

Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, November 21, 2005 by Yatta

Boy Microsoft trying very hard to have the xbox 360 a little hell to mod. For one they have made it so called screwless… come on. You think that will REALLY stop ppl from opening this thing up?
Well the ppl at anandtech has already did it. Lawwwwdd i don’t think i would want to go through all that trouble to get it open though.. BUT nice to know it can happen.