Is this the end of my mini?!?!?!

I have a iPOD mini.. not to fancy like some of the other ppl out there but.. It plays music and i’m fine with it. Soooo If i’m fine with it WHY THE HELL DID I GO FRIG WITH IT???

I had my songs all jumbled up and in no coherent order… so to try an make my job easier i decided to format it and start freshhh…. BIG mistake. I formated the thing using windows disk management (yea i know i wasn’t thinking to straight) I figured everything was okay until i started to copy, or should i say TRY to copy songs to the ipod from itunes?
DISK ERROR I/O Write Error
I was like what the F&*K….. I did some research and and found out i needed the iPod updater wich can update it and also wipe it. So i got it and ran ran it…
DISK ERROR I/O Write Error
NOOOOO……… thankfully we have google.. and about 5 mins worth of searching i got the answered i neded….
Yea I had to use the iPod updater BUT i also had to use a USB port that was attached DIRECTLY to the motherboard. Earlier I was using the front USB port via some cables attached to the board..,, enhce the error. I think usign the USB via the front USB port there is some power variation.
Here i am thinking i have got my iPod back… NOOOOOO After i update it with the updater It shows me a graphic on the screen saying that it wants to be plugged in 😦 I don’t have a AC adapter for my ipod… google here i went again.
I saw a post iPod help stating that instead of plugging it into a wall socket i should plug it into a firewire port. Well i did and VOILA!!!! no more little graphic YIPPEEEE i think i have my ipod back.
Ok back to organizing my music back on this thing.

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