Drupal Up…

Welll after about two days i have my Drupal CMS up an running. Yea right now it doesn’t look to be too much BUT i must say it’s nice to say i have CMS (content Management System) hehehehe.
You know it probably would of taken me longer to install because drupal’s dependecy on mysql…luckily i know ppl who know that cryptic thing… Taylor. Yea i killed him with a few questions but he answered them to get my mysql up an running.

Honestly though I just really set it up so i can have my own litle journal where i keep some of my thoughts and wishes. Like how i got certain services up and running and what not. SO it’ll be easier the next time ihave to do it.


One Response to “Drupal Up…”

  1. so whats wrong with s9y i like it i still use it bothon win and on nix.. i mis linux tho i had to get rid of my suse partition not enough space i started using it wayy too much and hen the 10 gigs got way too small and i and i coulnd’t spare it on my win parition either i need a 100 gig hd to split 50 50 between nix and win. then i’ll install mynext distro.. too bad i’ll be like way way way rusty when that happens. s9y is cool tho i use it to put tutorials in for php and other dev langauges and technologies like ajax . so when i’m on the road with my notebook and not internet connection i can still practice my stuff. cool huh 😀

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