iPOD Photo

Yea i got one… a 60GB one at that also. Withthis bad boy i canbasically put my ENTIRE mp3 collection in the palm of my hands.*** evil laugh***
I had a mini, the 4GB.. which was cool i like dit BUT i saw a oppurunity to upgrade an i took it an RAN!!! trust me the 2nd mini i had took some beating. I curved my ‘beating’ habits so i know this new pod will be cool. After i get soem much needed things for my place i’ll get one of those skin thingies for my pod.
Hopefully by early next year…. The Holidays are coming up and i have to worry about presents for other ppl. I must say this year i can really afford to get my mother a NICE birthday/ Christmas present; not sure what i’ll get her.. but i’ll get her something nice.

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