Ok i had my mysql up and running… for like 2 days then BAM i decide to write in drupal when i go to the page to my shock it says unable to connect to mysql. First thing i go an do is look at my logs and see some whole heap of shit:
Nov 24 05:29:04 localhost mysqld[10873]: 051124 5:29:03 [ERROR] Fatal error: Can’t open privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist.

Make a long story short…. i ended up removing mysql-server then installin it back again. Before i could of removed mysql-server completely i had to do apt-get update; then remove the app….
I still don’t know the REAL reason as to WHY i had to do it that way to get mysql up running BUT hey it works again.
Well after my next post back to configuring and doing what not 😀

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