Hypertension is a serios thing… why the hell do i take it so lightly more time?
I’ve been hypertensive from i was about 19-20…. and i haven’t really done anythign to curb it. I’ve tried the gym for a little and it helped but after i got in the car accident i haven’t really een to the gym.

I leave on a rhattid hill… where i really would not have a need for a gym to get some cardio excercise in. The thing is though after about a week I stop…. I can honeslty say i don’t ahve the self discipline as my father does :-(.

I need to get that discipline though…. so many thigns can happen to me becasue of this high blood pressure… being in a high stressful job doesn’t help either.
It really has me thinking (again)… especailly since they sent me home early from work because of my pressure :-(.


One Response to “Hypertension”

  1. on a serious note i just like wrote off fast food because of this. I’m at my friends house in mona and i just downed some kfc. and i’m kicking back on the couch watching some anime and then heart burn kicks in. i’m like wtf is going on with me. then i feel really burn started getting worse held my chest and heart pace was so fast i got scared. thank god i read alot and know ways to regulate heart pace, [ cough alot and take deeep breathes ] it worked thank good but fast food is done for me. no more of that and i’m buying gym equipment for christmas as i stopped going to gym because i had to go to a friends house to use his equipment. i’ld work out more if i had my own stuff at home

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