Damn its been almost a month since i last updated this thing. As i write this i notice its been about the same time is started doing OT again that i posted here. Well idecide to take a week off from OT…… i need to get some stuff done and just need a break from the calls them.

Quite alot has happend in these 3 weeks…. some good some not so good. It might sound wierd but i can’t really pinpoint what has been good or not… i guess for the most part that i’m able to wake in the morning is good.

I started back on my *nix box. I have the DNS and DHCP working alright. Idecided to try LDAP and samba separately first then add them together to create the PDC…. what is bugging me right now is that if i really want this small PC to be my PDC, what the hell who cares… iof i need to move i move it to another machine and start a fresh.


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