Got it!!!!

Yea it nerdy BUT after a friggin 2 month hiatus on my *nix box and messing with Samba/LDAP PDC I have it working…. the only thing is is that it is running WITHOUT ssl/tls. Soon i’ll enable that i’m just glad that it is up an running smoothly so far.

There is sooo much shit going on right now around me?!?! I’m torn with saving for a car which is ALOT harder than i anticipated. Let me rephrase that i can get a car BUT it would probably be like a 10year old car. I don’t want to finance since i’m a temp worker who is on a yearly contract who has NO idea what is around the corner. Imagine i get a car then after a few monthsmy temp job is over… thenthebank ends up taking back the car?!?!?! Not going to happen again!!!

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