Sempron 64

Well I finaly joined the 64bit bandwagon….to be honest is it a good thing?? I’ll tell u in a few weeks when i have a 64bit OS to fully utilise the new instruction set. I tried loading the Ubuntu DVD i have to see how it would run on my sytem.. but when i chose the LIVE version.. it never booted properly.. so right now i’m gettign the 64 version.. hopefully that’ll make a difference.

I’m also planning on getting another system to help with my networking stuff i plan on using a:
Athlon XP 1600+
512MB PC2100 (DDR 266MHz)

It won’t be a powerhouse sytstem but i know it’ll more than get the job done…. what i face right now is should i give my sister my ‘little machine’ or keep it???

It’s a nice little machine…. it can run everything basically EXCEPT for games. Right now i use it as my PDC server.

3 Responses to “Sempron 64”

  1. how much did that run you? i want one dammit i want one 😥

  2. Acruakky didn’t cost me anything.. i knew some ppl.. when i lived in the states 😀

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