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Work Area

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, March 30, 2006 by Yatta

As I look at my desk.. i’m a little dissapointed. My desk is a MESS. Maybe.. just maybe before i go to work this evening i’ll clean it up.

Ohh before i forget….. that machine on the bottom is my main machine “bLaCk TOwEr” it’s my main machine. I dual boot with it, Windows XP and Ubuntu Dapper (as of yesterday previously it was Breezy). The other machine near the phoneon a pinkish piece of rag is “Enigmatic” My Breezy Samba/LDAP PDC… yep that little machine right there is my little server. Hmm… i run Apache, Bind, DHCP and MySQL on that machine. Here is another pic for a closer look. You may be wondering …. why it look different from the pic I posted a few days ago. Reason for that is I had to put a bigger heatsink on this bad boy… If i didn’t do that then when the machien gets hot shit starts to move liek a flippin snail. I’ve been to busy to get the case cut i can slide it back it.


Dapper Installed

Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 by Yatta

Just installed Dapper…. so far so goood. I was having a problem with Grub giving me error install messages during the first install but i figured it was how my grub was at at that state. I had like 8 options in that bad boy…. I just got out my trusty Techiez Toolz cd booted from a Win98/XP option did:
fdisk /mbr .. voila able to boot again BUT of curse ubuntu is gone.

I could of taken the educational way and tried to just install GRUB but after a few failed attempts i just decided to reinstall Dapper and done.. it’s not liek there was anything on that partition anyway.
Well it installed and updatign now….. 310mb’s worth of upgrading.


Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 by Yatta

It’s another week. Nothing much has really changed… as they say same shit different day.
I decided to try Dapper, yeah i kow it’s not final but the video and screenshots of Xgl and Compiz in action drove me to want to jump on the bandwagon. As i’m writing this my other machine is churning away the install… this is the second time i’m installing Dapper i had some probems with grub 😦

Arrghh enuff about PC’s. Have I ranted how i’m really starting to HATE my job?!?!?! At first it was cool i was learning a few new things things but now the shit is just stagnant…. this is worse than a brain freeze!?!?! At one point I use to MURDA the OT … for like 3 months i worked 148hrs, 75hours and 91 hours respectivley. NOW for the past 2 months I’ve only worked 24hours OT.. and that is over TWO months. So yeah i’m fed up of that place… BUT i’m no fool.. it puts money in my pocket so unitl i can get something better i shall stay there.

Volker Gropp’s enhanced bandwidth monitor

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, March 17, 2006 by Yatta

I’m at work right now 😦
I just saw aa nice little app i’ll try when i reach home later. Here bwm-ng …… time to go

I still haven’t installed this as yet but when i get Daper installed I’ll give it a try along with Multail ….


Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 by Yatta

Have u noticed that more time what u study in school isn’t what u end up doing in life?? Take look at some ppl u know and ask them what did they study at school… quite a few of them would have studied something vastly different then what theyare doing now. Why do i bring this up? Ive been delving into computers for more than 10years… if i’m honest with myself i haven’t really reached anywhere…. Now is it my fault or is it that i just don’t know the right ppl so i can land a decent job in the IT field?!?!

Whichever one it is it looks like i’ll be branching off… there is a family business that started a few months ago and it looks like my father really wants me to join in the action… If i told u i’m jumping for joy it would be a lie. WHAT i do seem to like is that I’ll be starting something different from PC’s. This hasn’t come ay even abetter time.. cause at my current job I am really getting disgusted with it, I’m tired of answering dumb ass questions and what for ppl who should have no business in front of a PC.
Ohh welll that is enough ranting for one morning… let me seee if i can go back to sleep.

Skype and Cisco ATA?!?!?1

Posted in Uncategorized on Saturday, March 11, 2006 by Yatta

Hey u know what would be cool?? If i could use my Cisco ATA186 with skype?!?! That woudl be great!!!! Don;t think it is possible though since Skype is proprietary and a peer-2-peer like service.
I could dream thgouh can’t I?

No Title

Posted in Uncategorized on Saturday, March 11, 2006 by Yatta

Can’t think of a flashy title.. so i thought No Title would suffice. 😀

This past few week have been uneventful.. same shit just different day. I know i haven’t written in this blog for some time just couldn’t bother really. maybe it can be theraputic to keep writing in so i guess i will.

Profound has finally recieved his so-called ‘iPod killer’ the Zen Vision:M….. i was about to bash it and say it’s another ipod wanna be but i must give it probs while i look on the specs….

  • WMV (320×240/700kbps and 320×240/436kbps MPEG4 and DivX 4/5, XviD (720×480/3Mbps and 640×480/2Mbps recommendation)
  • MPEG2 (640×480/2.5Mbps and 640×480/2Mbps
  • MPEG1 (640×480/1.15Mbps and 352×288/1.15Mbps
  • Motion-JPEG (640×480/2.5Mbps)

As i’m writing this i’m here thinking about selling my 60Gb 4Gen ipod to get a Zen :D.. call me copy cat but it is nice to have somethign that would play divx/xvid.
I must say at first i was happy with BUT every has a mp3/video player now…. i feel left out. Hmmmmmm US $329 x JA $65 = JA $21,385.00 ouch that is alot of money…. BUT is it really worth it?
I might can tell u one of these days soon.

As i see what i wrote about it should be mp3 player showdown :d