Yea i got my Hauppauge 150 working on my linux box BUT the true ablity to work as a PVR jsut not working out 😦
The channel listings alone will kill me…. the only place i can get listings for my cable company, Logic One, is tvguide.com. Alas there are no grabbers to take the listing info from the site. Another thing that has halted my little project is that even WHEN, i won’t say if, i do get teh channel listings since i have to use a cable box it’s almost useless to me…The PC can’t change the channel on the cable box to the required channel u want to record. the ONLY way i can see it workign is that u set the cable box to go to the station then u have ur tv card set to record at the deigned time. 😦

Enuff of that… i can’t bother with it right now.
This is the box i want to fix up for my medai PC.. be it MythTV or Media Center.

As you can see it is a small PC.. not as small as my SlimBay but still small with lots of features…. BUT i can’t seem to find a P4 478Pin 400Mhz FBS proccessor :(( So for right now i just have this box laying here waiting on a CPU… what a waste


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