No Title

Can’t think of a flashy title.. so i thought No Title would suffice. 😀

This past few week have been uneventful.. same shit just different day. I know i haven’t written in this blog for some time just couldn’t bother really. maybe it can be theraputic to keep writing in so i guess i will.

Profound has finally recieved his so-called ‘iPod killer’ the Zen Vision:M….. i was about to bash it and say it’s another ipod wanna be but i must give it probs while i look on the specs….

  • WMV (320×240/700kbps and 320×240/436kbps MPEG4 and DivX 4/5, XviD (720×480/3Mbps and 640×480/2Mbps recommendation)
  • MPEG2 (640×480/2.5Mbps and 640×480/2Mbps
  • MPEG1 (640×480/1.15Mbps and 352×288/1.15Mbps
  • Motion-JPEG (640×480/2.5Mbps)

As i’m writing this i’m here thinking about selling my 60Gb 4Gen ipod to get a Zen :D.. call me copy cat but it is nice to have somethign that would play divx/xvid.
I must say at first i was happy with BUT every has a mp3/video player now…. i feel left out. Hmmmmmm US $329 x JA $65 = JA $21,385.00 ouch that is alot of money…. BUT is it really worth it?
I might can tell u one of these days soon.

As i see what i wrote about it should be mp3 player showdown :d


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