Have u noticed that more time what u study in school isn’t what u end up doing in life?? Take look at some ppl u know and ask them what did they study at school… quite a few of them would have studied something vastly different then what theyare doing now. Why do i bring this up? Ive been delving into computers for more than 10years… if i’m honest with myself i haven’t really reached anywhere…. Now is it my fault or is it that i just don’t know the right ppl so i can land a decent job in the IT field?!?!

Whichever one it is it looks like i’ll be branching off… there is a family business that started a few months ago and it looks like my father really wants me to join in the action… If i told u i’m jumping for joy it would be a lie. WHAT i do seem to like is that I’ll be starting something different from PC’s. This hasn’t come ay even abetter time.. cause at my current job I am really getting disgusted with it, I’m tired of answering dumb ass questions and what for ppl who should have no business in front of a PC.
Ohh welll that is enough ranting for one morning… let me seee if i can go back to sleep.


2 Responses to “Work?!?!?!”

  1. ifyou like your current job just shut up and do it. sometimes it all works out for the best. i studied to be a programmer, I am a programmer am i liking it is another question.

    sometimes you make the wrong choice as to what you wanna do. you pick it because its something you like doing but then when it becomes a job its not that much fun anymore as you can do new and interesting things everyday your doing what your told to do which at times is the same thing over and over and over again. business programming sucks man.

  2. The thing is… i DON’T like my job… only thing about my job i do like right now… is the fact that i get a paycheck at the end of the month

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