It’s another week. Nothing much has really changed… as they say same shit different day.
I decided to try Dapper, yeah i kow it’s not final but the video and screenshots of Xgl and Compiz in action drove me to want to jump on the bandwagon. As i’m writing this my other machine is churning away the install… this is the second time i’m installing Dapper i had some probems with grub 😦

Arrghh enuff about PC’s. Have I ranted how i’m really starting to HATE my job?!?!?! At first it was cool i was learning a few new things things but now the shit is just stagnant…. this is worse than a brain freeze!?!?! At one point I use to MURDA the OT … for like 3 months i worked 148hrs, 75hours and 91 hours respectivley. NOW for the past 2 months I’ve only worked 24hours OT.. and that is over TWO months. So yeah i’m fed up of that place… BUT i’m no fool.. it puts money in my pocket so unitl i can get something better i shall stay there.

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