Work Area

As I look at my desk.. i’m a little dissapointed. My desk is a MESS. Maybe.. just maybe before i go to work this evening i’ll clean it up.

Ohh before i forget….. that machine on the bottom is my main machine “bLaCk TOwEr” it’s my main machine. I dual boot with it, Windows XP and Ubuntu Dapper (as of yesterday previously it was Breezy). The other machine near the phoneon a pinkish piece of rag is “Enigmatic” My Breezy Samba/LDAP PDC… yep that little machine right there is my little server. Hmm… i run Apache, Bind, DHCP and MySQL on that machine. Here is another pic for a closer look. You may be wondering …. why it look different from the pic I posted a few days ago. Reason for that is I had to put a bigger heatsink on this bad boy… If i didn’t do that then when the machien gets hot shit starts to move liek a flippin snail. I’ve been to busy to get the case cut i can slide it back it.


2 Responses to “Work Area”

  1. If you think your area is a mess then you clearly haven’t lived in mine. I would like to think that my view on life and cleanliness will change when I get my 19″ WXGA monitor month end. Until then the motivation just isn’t there- too depressing.

  2. Have u noticed that we can keep our systems up to date an organized to the ‘T’… but yet we can’t keep out work area tidy for more than 24hrs?!?!?!

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