Determined fi real now!!

Yea I’ve said it before, I’m going to lose weight.
There is a major difference now. I mean it!!!! For the past few days i’ve been wondering WHY my lower back has been bothering me, I think deep down i knew but was to flippin blind to notice. My beely is gettting to RASSS big!!! I look like i have a beer belly… worse part is is that i don’t drink. I’m afraid to even get on the scale and see how much i weight right now.. about 6 months ago i know i was about 245lbs. Lord alone knows how much i am now 😦

After work i’m supposed to be going downtown and buy up some things like fruits and vegatables. Working in front of a PC and going home to do the same thing isn’t really condusive of a healthy living.

Just to even prove how serious I am hopefully later on i’ll post a pic of how i am currently.

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