Yea u saw correctly 265LBS!!!!!!!!! What is my 5'9" frame doing with that much weight?!?!!? Well I know for one thing I don't intend to keep it on too long. Granted it's easier said than done… but come on man that weight is ridiculous I'll shall do my best to get rid of it.
No wonder more time i feel like shit!
Even though I should try and walk 7 days a week i know for sure that aint going to happen not with my work schedule. Going to at least try for 5 rimes a week… be it in the morning or evening I HAVE to keep at it.
Going to have to get my dumbell excercise routine updated and keep withj the one routine for at least 4 weeks…
man there is so much shit i need to do it aint funny… right now i'm still upset about that figure.


One Response to “265lbs!!!!!!!!”

  1. 265lbs is a big step up from what you were a few months ago.. anyway, jog.. the weight will melt off.

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