I’m in trouble!!!

Ok I've been walking for a few weeks now. At first it was hard but i must admit it has gotten easier. I fear the damage has been done though. 😦
I went to the doctor… i'm 273lbs!!! my pressure is wayyy too high 162/111. She decided to UP my pressure medicine and also gave me heart pills?!?!? I'm like what the fuck!!!!!!!

I went to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine $2,400 JA dollars ($1JA=$66 US). No wonder she even gave me a National health card to fill out so i can get my medication at a reduced rate.
Man something's got to change.. and it seems litk it has to be drastic for right now. I think he pressure was/is so high i basically slept the whole day.

Why am I playing around with this shit?! I know what high BP can do.. and yes i'm scared but it seems to not really phase me to much.


2 Responses to “I’m in trouble!!!”

  1. Dude. Contract break. Just think, very soon you will be on break. Alternatively you can try to take it easy and not let these customers get to you. Go slow dude… slow and steady.

  2. yow get well soon dog.. i was wondeing how come id ont see you online much meaning (your there but your not at the comps).. i hope you feel better real soon.. btw power of linux opensource and tux, i wish you well

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