Nothing new… well not really anyway

Welll…. it's been a few days. I've wanted to update the blog a few times BUT other things always seem to take precedence.
Minime has gotten a few extra parts…. namely the IR Blaster —>

a IR Reciever —->

It's not Complete yet.. i even got the nifty little remote URC-8910 (ok it's not so little)

The thing now is to put these together into/onto Minime to get a nice working Media PC aka MythTV, that i can control with my trusty new remote. Honestly though the hard par is going to be the channel listings arrrghhhh…

Well the weight is coming off… slowly but surely.. i've been slacking off for the past few days.. actually for the past week and a half. I'll make up for it though… leaving my current employer soon so NUFF headache soon gone… yiipppeeee!!!!


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