What the…..

OK… I here i thought i was in good standing with LDAP and Samba. As things would turn out … NOPE. I tried to intergrate the two the other day and Samba just would NOT want to talk to my LDAP backend. After a few hours and let’s say 2 days. I decided to start from scratch with LDAP and Samba.
This time when i did LDAP there willbe NOO SSL running (let’s get it up and runnign properly first). Anywa to make a very long story short i’m back again with another problem…. I’m going to do what i would normally do.. START FROM SCRATCH… THIS time i WILL GET. Fly LOW flow HIGH I WILL GET IT!!!!

The worst part is is that you KNOW u had it working before (at least 2 times earlier for me).

2 Responses to “What the…..”

  1. Did you ever get it to work since then? I don’t want SAMBA to be a primary domain controller. I just want to be able to use samba shares on my Unix box from my windows machine.

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