Fitness again…..

Okay i've jumped the wagon YET again… This time though after seeing one of my sisters after about 4 years and seeing the amount of weight she lost?!?!!? All i can really say is DAMN!!!!!!!!!

So to TRY and keep myself motivated this trip i'm going to try a few things:

Make a poster with some reasons WHY i need to exercise (w/ a added big belly pic 😦 ) Try my DAMNEDEST to go to bed early so i can wake up early to walk I think for now those are the 2 most important ones.

My problem is is that after a few weeks (approximately 2) I start to slack off.. casu i see the weight coming off and my clothes feeling looser. Since i made a bet with me sister that in 2 months i will loose 10lbs i'm going to try like hell to achieve that!!!!! once i get the exercising down pact i'll have to work on the nutrition part.

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