Breezy upgrade…

I want to upgrade Minime to Dapper BUT i really don't want to redo anythign to much on it. I've worked to hard on it to get it where it is at right now. Then again i can look at like a excercise to see if i TRULY know what i'm doing ❓ when i do get everything back in working order.

Oh well we'll see… the night is still young

** Edit**

Ok i started the upgrade process 1,392 files to be downloaded. /me has fingers crossed

I forgot to mention i downloaded the DVD version of Dapper. BUT since i was to lazy to put in a DVD rom i eneded up doing a upgrade through update-manager :roll:. Laziness will never cease to amaze me at times 😉

**Edit 2***

I ended up waking up at abput 3:25 and totally forgot about the upgrade until i saw the blaring blue light of Minime illuminating away. As Marc said in the comments it is asking me a barrage of questions which is good. I think i'm running a updated kernel (2.6.16.ck11) compared to the stock kernel (2.6.15-25 i think) of Dapper, I'll find out when this is done.

Still contemplating of i should walk this morning.. or just take a day break and start again thursday?!?!?


One Response to “Breezy upgrade…”

  1. I upgraded from Breezy to Dapper and it was pretty smooth except that it asked me a few times what to do with modified files. If you think about it, this is a good thing (thanks for not clobbering my files). Anyway, worked without a hitch and my machine was noticeably faster afterwards. Very worthwhile upgrade for me. Good luck with yours.

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