Kernel – Complete

Well I finally compiled my own kernel without any error messages… all the times before when i looke dat dmesg i was getting: device-mapper: error adding target to table device-mapper: dm-linear: Device lookup failedThis installs the patch in /usr/src/kernel-patches/.

After doing some more google searches i found the fix :D. It seems to have soemthing to do with evms… Ubuntu patches the kernel to do what? I reall don't know But i ended up doing:

sudo -s -H
apt-get install kernel-patch-evms

This installs the patch in /usr/src/kernel-patches/  Before u do any changes to your kernel u should just:

gzip -d 2.6-bd-claim.patch.gz
sudo cat /usr/src/kernel-patches/diffs/evms-bd-claim/2.6-bd-claim.patch | patch -p1

Shit.. time to leave again… i'll write more when i reach home.


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