Kernel + Lirc

    With kernel 2.6.17-1 installed an running i wanted to start up on ivtv for my PVR-150. On look ing on ivtv's website they don't have a stable release for it as yet.  I WAS going to chance it and use version 0.6.2 of ivtv but opted not to.. mainly thinking i may be in more trouble than it's worth.

On a good note though ivtv 0.7stable release for kernel 2.16.17 should be released next weekend. 😀

Since i wasn't able to install the ivtv drivers i figured let me try another hurdle that was giving me problems…….. LIRC…ARRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Truth be told it wasn't that hard this time as it was last time. With the 2.6.16 kernel I was able to make the kernel serial driver as a module so when lirc is loaded the kernel serial driver would just be inactive….. BUT NOOOOOO not so for 2.6.17 kernel. Even after making the serial port a module it was still being loaded before lirc. After about 2 other compiles of the kernel still ending up in failure i decided to just NOT installl the kernel serial driver at all…. it's not like i'm going to be using the serial port for anything reallyl; it works liek a charm now 😀 Later on when i reach home I can configure my 2nd instance of lirc so mythtv can change the cable box stations when ready.

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