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Posted in Health on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 by Yatta

Ok I seem to have the walking down pact. I think i have down so much that  I notice i wake up approx. 4:30 – 5:00 every morning?!?! Is that my body trying to tell me something?

I remeber reading Body-for-Life book.. which said soemthign liek if you want to change ur body you have to weight train. Excercising alone will just make you be a smaller you. So if you are shaped like a pear  you’ll just be a smaller pear; since I don’t want that. I’m going to change it!!! I have my bench here just looking pretty… time to make up a routine nad put itto use.. and chisel a semi-god like body :D.

(Hey I’m being realistic here… I don’t think I can chisel a god like body so i’ll settle for semi-god.. hehehehehehe )


Mythtv: ffmpeg slooooww

Posted in General on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 by Yatta

Ok i finally have ffmpeg compiled from source and nuvexport ready to go. Yesterday i spent most of the flippin evening trying to get these tign to work.. nuvexport would just end up telling me:

Waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos.

After seeing that blasted line for a few hours I just decided to give it a break an head to bed.

As per usual with computer things once u leave it and come back to something STRANGE seems to always happen. Nuvexport work?!?!?!?! One thing i have noticed tough is that the shit slow.. I don’t know if it’s my P4 1.8Ghz machine with just 384MB Ram but over 3hrs to encode to xvid/divx? FPS is only like 3FPS !!!

I do like how nuvexport picks out what shows I have recorded 😀 
(P.S. the Virgin show is just a encoding test hehehe) As i say that how long will it take for a 45min show?!??! this one here is only like 20mins?!?!

No sah!!!!!!!!! Sumting MUST wrong. I’ll have to google and see what is what.

MythTV and divx/xvid

Posted in Computers & Internet, Linux on Sunday, July 23, 2006 by Yatta

Ok…. these 2GB recordings are startign to get on my nerves now especially when u know you can get them into smaller sizes with divx.xvid.

I tried to transcode but that just seemd to move the file from 2.1GB to 1GB.. still not acceptable.. nope. It converts it to nupplevideo?? i think that is the name cause I just see a new file type in my DIR that has a *.nuv extension.
I’m going to try and use nuvexport and see how i fear with that. I need to try out the abilty to cut out the commercials see how good it does that.
I must add though i’m loving my MythTV… i just need to get teh radio aspect of it working and also fine tune my remote for some of the key bindings.

Ohh well i’ll keep you guys posted.

Bye-Bye Sysinternals and Winternals

Posted in General on Sunday, July 23, 2006 by Yatta

Programs like ERD Commander and some TCPtools have helped me out a few times in some tight situations with Windows. To think that Microsoft has acquired the two guys who put this software pack together I hope can only mean good things for MS.

In the meanwhile while they are still free is shall be downloading all the free apps from that have soem sort of interest to me.

Anime Trading Day 3.0

Posted in Anime on Sunday, July 23, 2006 by Yatta

Some anime loving frens of mine had.. yep u guessed it a Trading Day where we just got together and traded some anime.

It wasn’t to bad nice little turn out. Most of the aniem that was beign traded were: Mai Otome, Outlaw Star, xxxHolic, Chrno Crusade, Eureka Seven and some more. Ironically there was NO Naruto traded. I believe all of us are tired of that damn series now.. u see if they would just follow the manga it would be great…. but NOOOOO they are filling the shit with so many fillers it nuh funny.
We could have used a bit more power outlets and DVD burners.

250 BABY!!!!!

Posted in Health, Personal on Saturday, July 22, 2006 by Yatta

I just went on the scale…. guess what!!!!! I’m back to 250lbs. Yea i know that is still nuff BUT its lighter than  274lbs which i was about 2 months ago.

Looks like all that walking and changing eating habits are really working. Ahhhh I’m happy. Now I just need to keep it up.

See if i can reach 230lbs by about Sept/ Oct. Dammit my belly just seems more pronounced now?!?!?  I hate that shit….. Yea I’m 30yrs old but sheesh man i don’t need a belly to prove it to ppl. 😀

A little anxius for work?!?!?!

Posted in Personal on Friday, July 21, 2006 by Yatta

Ok… this thing is killing me. Since the end of MAY i left my call centre job, to make a long story short.. I burned out after a little more than a year. Since i left that job i’ve been working with dad and his business. The way i was so anxious to get out of the call centre job I said i would even work with my father!!!! Trust me … me working with my father is a BIG step.

With some help from a GOOOOD friend I had 2 interview’s with a new and upcoming company in my area that seems to really mean business. The 2nd interview I had I was at the company from 7:45am… for a 9am appointment. It was either be there early or late, so i chose early, because traffic is horrendous in that area. If i get that position i don’t think i would even think about it as work.. I’ll be doing shit that I love… messing with up and coming technologies. My brain won’t have time to get lazy since there will be so much to do. BUT… yea there always has to be a friggin BUT…. anyway I have some competition…. 2 people at that. After a the 3rd, imprompto interview with HR personnel, I was told I should hear something that afternoon or tomorrow (which is today) nothign as yet.

When I left the office at 12pm (yes after being there from 7:45am) i eft feeling good… i was on top of the world. Evenign came.. have the phone next to me.. just in case i get that call. Nothing…. 😦

Last night was one of the worse night’s sleep i’ve had in a GOOD while!!! i ono’t think i really slept for a total of 2hrs!!! i was tossing turning… trying to sleep on the oppsite side of the bed i usually sleep on, etc… i just couldn’t get a goo’d night sleep.

Was that ALL because of this damn prospect of new job?!?! Sheeeesh…….. I was so wound up i never even bothered to walk this morning, I just wasn’t in the mood. Well I still have the rest of today and monday to hear something.

Let’s just hope that i can sleep tonight!!!! PLEASE let me sleep.

*****Wheew that was some rant!!!****