iFolder on Dapper COMPLETE!!!

I am running ifolder3-server-3.5.6172.1 on my Ubuntu Dapper. Now when i first tried to install thing it gave me NOTHING pure problems. So as usual i decided to give it a break… came back at it with a vengence. Guess who won?!?!!?!?

I basically followed the instructions from these 2 pages. Building and Configuring

This Building one …. I followed to the “T” built everything from source. Previously I would try to run simiasserver .. that is a no no:

Error: The Simias server has not been configured.
Please run simias-server-setup in order to configure the
Simias server.

While looking through ubuntu forums i found this thread where GameGod fixed that problem.

cd ifolder-server-3.5.6171.1/src/server/setup
sudo cp SimiasServerSetup.exe /usr/bin
sudo cp simias-server-setup /usr/bin

It’ll then go on to ask you what is the data path, and a bunch of other stuff…. where it’ll fail though is when it goes to configure Apache grrrr….

Configure Apache? [Y]:


Configuring /var/lib/simias/Simias.config…SetupSimias – Done
Setting up permissions…/bin/chown: `wwwrun:www’: invalid user

With working with SuSE before i know that user and group is SuSE’s user/group for apache. AS you can see it’ll fail. I did not let that deter me…. well not fo long anyway.

I then moved on to Configuring. Went through the HOWTO but i never did these 2 steps:

sudo simiasserver sudo
simiasserver –stop

After doing this i wasn’t able to login… but further down the page it tells you to try this if can see the login screen but can’t login:

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/.config/.mono/
sudo chown -R www-data.www-data /var/www/.config/

BAM!!!! i restarted apache2 and Voila. I am able to login to the admin, using admin/simias for login/password. Then went on to create a user; was also able to login to iFolder with the user!!!! Isn’t great when a project comes to together?!?!?

There may be some other issues along the way.. but so far it’s installed and running AFAIK. 😀

Here are 2 screenshots of my iFolder:

Admin logged in

My user logged in

6 Responses to “iFolder on Dapper COMPLETE!!!”

  1. Hehe, sounds like something I would say:

    “So as usual i decided to give it a break… came back at it with a vengence. Guess who won?!?!!?!?”

    I don’t think non-geeks understand the pleasure that geeks get out of conquering problems.

  2. Hmmm. Had never heard of iFolder before – looks interesting. I wonder if I can use it to keep directories in sync between my Ubuntu server and my wife’s Windows XP laptop? Could be a very nice and seamless backup solution…

  3. Hello.
    I have problems in simias-server-config.
    Who is the server’s data path?


  4. That depends on how you set it up.
    When i configured it I used the option –with-simiasdatadir=/var/lib/simias
    when i used the /var/lib/simias script.

    So my data path would be “/var/lib/simias”

  5. Hello.

    I tried the same way, but I got permantly this message:
    root# /usr/bin/ifolder-server
    /usr/bin/ifolder-server: line 30: cd: @_bindir_@: No such file or directory
    cannot open assembly @_webbindir_@/Simias.exe

    What is wrong?
    Thank you for some ideas.


  6. Which HOWTO are u following??

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