I’m Happy!!!

Yea I’m happy!!!! It seems like I had the answer to my MythTV problem right in front of me ALL this time.

Just as a recap…. yes I have mythtv up and running with my remote control.. yadda yadda yadda. A PVR is not much if u can’t see what is coming on TV or upcoming shows that you may want to record if you are not there.

All this time i’ve been looking for a way to gather the information from TVGuide, that has my cable provider lineup on it’s site. That is not possible.. well some say it is.. BUT it would be very hard. People in the US can get specific cable information from DataDirect  which could then be used by MythTV. I guess they don’t think Jamaica is big enuff so s there is no listing for us grrrr.  The good part is that most of our staions come from up there.. so we just have to find which cable provider has most of the channels your cable provider has and voila!! It doesn’t stop there though…. sorry…. after u identify the stations and i had to run mythtv-setup and edit Channel Listings, from there i just change the channel number and frequency then BAM reload the frontend and i’m done.
At first i never thought i would need to change the channel frequency, but i do, if I don’t mythtv will not be able to change the channel on the cable box correctly.

Well I’ve written enough.. right now. I need to get back to fixing my guide so i can never miss a wanted show again.

If anything I’ll try and post pics os my little setup tomorrow.

One Response to “I’m Happy!!!”

  1. I am happy for you but I want to get this same concept working on Windows. I am hoping Beyond TV has the same level of customizability… I doubt it though. Is there a Mythtv solution for windows that allows the exact level of customizability?

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