iFolder revisted

If you noticed earlier the problem I had with simias-server-setup where it failed at the configuration step of “Configuring Apache” Well i found a work around.. with help of course 😀

The installer looks for the /etc/apache2/uid.conf file, to tell it the user and group names. If the file doesnt exist then it uses its own defaults (wwrun:www). As being a ubuntu user those groups just won’t fly.

Create a the file: /etc/apache2/uid.conf

User www-data
Group www-data
Of course you can use whatever user has apache rights.

After that you re-run  simias-server-setup and u good to go.

Another thing i have found out.. I seem to have a file size limit on my upload… I’ve been told it may not be a iFolder issue but an apache one?!?!?! hmmmm…… I’ll look into that.

You see i can upload a 23mb file but not a 45mb??!?!

One Response to “iFolder revisted”

  1. afaik the filesize limit is a mono issue. I guess it has been fixed.

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