A little anxius for work?!?!?!

Ok… this thing is killing me. Since the end of MAY i left my call centre job, to make a long story short.. I burned out after a little more than a year. Since i left that job i’ve been working with dad and his business. The way i was so anxious to get out of the call centre job I said i would even work with my father!!!! Trust me … me working with my father is a BIG step.

With some help from a GOOOOD friend I had 2 interview’s with a new and upcoming company in my area that seems to really mean business. The 2nd interview I had I was at the company from 7:45am… for a 9am appointment. It was either be there early or late, so i chose early, because traffic is horrendous in that area. If i get that position i don’t think i would even think about it as work.. I’ll be doing shit that I love… messing with up and coming technologies. My brain won’t have time to get lazy since there will be so much to do. BUT… yea there always has to be a friggin BUT…. anyway I have some competition…. 2 people at that. After a the 3rd, imprompto interview with HR personnel, I was told I should hear something that afternoon or tomorrow (which is today) nothign as yet.

When I left the office at 12pm (yes after being there from 7:45am) i eft feeling good… i was on top of the world. Evenign came.. have the phone next to me.. just in case i get that call. Nothing…. 😦

Last night was one of the worse night’s sleep i’ve had in a GOOD while!!! i ono’t think i really slept for a total of 2hrs!!! i was tossing turning… trying to sleep on the oppsite side of the bed i usually sleep on, etc… i just couldn’t get a goo’d night sleep.

Was that ALL because of this damn prospect of new job?!?! Sheeeesh…….. I was so wound up i never even bothered to walk this morning, I just wasn’t in the mood. Well I still have the rest of today and monday to hear something.

Let’s just hope that i can sleep tonight!!!! PLEASE let me sleep.

*****Wheew that was some rant!!!****


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