Anime Trading Day 3.0

Some anime loving frens of mine had.. yep u guessed it a Trading Day where we just got together and traded some anime.

It wasn’t to bad nice little turn out. Most of the aniem that was beign traded were: Mai Otome, Outlaw Star, xxxHolic, Chrno Crusade, Eureka Seven and some more. Ironically there was NO Naruto traded. I believe all of us are tired of that damn series now.. u see if they would just follow the manga it would be great…. but NOOOOO they are filling the shit with so many fillers it nuh funny.
We could have used a bit more power outlets and DVD burners.

2 Responses to “Anime Trading Day 3.0”

  1. Check out “Black Cat” as well if you have the time and if you’re into icy-cold assassin turned goofy sort of plot xD

  2. I actually did watch Black Cat.. wasn’t too bad 😀

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